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  • Do you feel ECG reading skill is the most important skill as a doctor but you are stuck?
  • Do you feel embarrassed when your patient expects to give an interpretation of his ECG?
  • Do you feel a sense of guilt when you have to pass the ECG to other Doctor to give an Interpretation?
  • Do you feel less of a Doctor as you are not able to give an option on one of the most important investigations of heart?

If this seems like the world around you then, I shall assure that if you follow exactly what I instruct, by the end of this 70 minutes training you shall not only be equipped with skills to interpret Level 1 ECG but also effectively remember all the steps and formulas. That’s my promise.

How to undertake this training for the best outcome.

First and foremost important thing is to take this training at a stretch. Do not take a break in between. It may take at most 70 mint to compel this training.

Secondly, the initial 30 minutes are what makes the complete understanding of the ECG.

The third point is to pay your best attentional and listing to the first 30 minutes, it is wherein

  • Initial 10 minutes- I shall create a creative conceptual scenario with the analogy for easy understanding and also long-term retention of ECG basics.
  • & then next 20 minutes, we shall look into the critical concept to understanding ECG.
  • So By the next 30 minutes, I assure you that you shall be completely equipped with the basics to understand ECG interpretation.
  • So the First 30 minutes is what the entire ECG is about.

Finally, the next 40 minutes is very simple. it’s just like knowing 1 plus 2 is 3 that’s it. However, you must follow the instructions and remember to repeat along with me.

At the end of 70 minutes, you shall be equipped with practical skills to interpret Level 1 ECG and save lives.

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Course Curriculum

3 Dimensional Concept of ECG
Creating fun journey of ECG understand 00:03:09
How to visually imagine to understand ECG learning 00:00:00
How to make learning ECG Easy? 00:02:30
Critical concepts to Understand ECG
How to place leads ? 00:02:01
What are Leads? 00:02:24
Understanding the Compass Box 00:02:18
Understanding the Map 00:04:21
How to label ECG waves practically on an ECG Strip ? 00:02:30
How to identify landmarks of the map ? 00:00:07
Systematic Interpretation of ECG
Why Systematic Interpret ECG 00:00:25
Look for Standardization and Avr 00:02:02
Analysing Heart Rhythm 00:00:00
Calculating Heart rate 00:02:30
Looking for Axis Deviation 00:05:00
P wave morphology for Atrial Hypertrophy 00:05:00
P-R interval for heart blocks 00:05:31
ST segment and T wave abnormality for MI 00:10:05
Ventricular Hypertrophy 00:04:31
Bundle Branch Block 00:00:00
Join our Team 00:00:00
Certification Exam
ECG Level 1 – Certification Exam 01:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Excellent training program


    Nice platform to learn so many things
    I also liked the option of one time payment with unlimited access since the subject is volatile

  2. Interpretation of ECG has been made easier than ever


    The course is wonderful..! It’s been explained in simple language without any confusion. Interpretation of ECG has been made easier than ever. At the end of each video, the concept are revised number of times and simple tactics have been told about the numerical aspects making it very easy…!!

  3. Awesome Course


    The difficult to understand and interpret ECG has become easy and understandable now. Thank you sir for the course.??

  4. Extremely informative✍️


    All concepts are explained to the point with a wonderfull presentation.Reading ecg seems to be quite easy by following the steps and various memory aids alongside given in this course.
    Thank you somuch for keeping it simple,accurate and efficient.Loved the entire session?????

  5. All basics of ECG covered in a short span


    This course contains everything an undergraduate would need to read an ECG. The animation based explanation makes things even simpler.

  6. One of the most readily comprehensible videos to understanding ECG


    A very easy to follow and illustrative method has been used to make a strong foundation on the understanding of the basics of ECG. It has easily proven to be a very informative and explanatory teaching session.

  7. Simply amazing !


    I’m so glad I took up this course . The teaching is really very effective . Everything is simplified yet in detail. I was able to understand each and everything that was taught. Thank you so much Sir !

  8. Strengthen your basics of ECG Skills


    The best way for getting your basics strong in ECG reading

  9. It was a great learning experience


    Worth the time and efforts. Thank you, Sir for making this so simple.

  10. It is a great course.


    We all know how complicated reading an ecg can get, thanks to you sir for teaching it in a most simplified manner. 3D images and animations just made it even more interesting. It is a great course. Indeed got an insight into ecg. Looking forward for part 2.
    Thank you.

  11. Interesting and easy to understand


    Being in first year mbbs, l really loved the course. I understood ECG in a much better and simpler way



    Excellent course and really easy to understand as the entire concept is broken into bits.Extremely thankful to sajjan sir for making this concept really easy yet fun.

  13. Easily understandable


    Being in first year of MBBS, initially I was skeptical about the course. But, decided to take it anyway. It is totally worth it. It gave me a better idea of an ECG and how to interpret one.

  14. Love the easy explanation


    Love the easy explaination and all covering the basic principles to diagnose heart blocks and MI’s .

  15. Thanks a lot sir for the course


    Thanks a lot sir for the course. They analogy and easy language makes it very easy to understand and interpret the ECG.

  16. Its a very useful course.


    It’s a very useful course which will benefit medical students.The concepts are made very clear and easily understandable.The learning is also made interesting.Thank you Sir.

  17. I am proud to have taken this course


    It was a very interesting course and i am proud to have taken this course.
    It was very educative with some easy quick hand techniques to read an ecg
    i would like to thank Dr Sajjan for taking such a educative course

  18. Clearly explained key concepts


    The course is very useful and informative. The key concepts of ECG are clearly explained.

  19. The best course on ecg


    The class was very informative and fun to learn. This was a one time experience where we could learn the basics of ecg in such a short span. Hoping to attend level 2 soon

  20. A course that every Med student must take up


    The course is very nicely executed by visualising all the topics and revising the important aspects at the end of every training session. It has been really helpful in strengthening my basics right and increasing my confidence in the subject. Eagerly looking forward for level 2!

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