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  • Do you feel ECG reading skill is the most important skill as a doctor but you are stuck?
  • Do you feel embarrassed when your patient expects to give an interpretation of his ECG?
  • Do you feel a sense of guilt when you have to pass the ECG to other Doctor to give an Interpretation?
  • Do you feel less of a Doctor as you are not able to give an option on one of the most important investigations of heart?


If this seems like the world around you then, I shall assure that if you follow exactly what I instruct, by the end of this 70 minutes training you shall not only be equipped with skills to interpret Level 2 ECG but also effectively remember all the steps and formulas. That’s my promise.

Course Curriculum

Disturbances of sinus mechanism
Sinus tachycardia 00:00:00
Sinus arrhythmia 00:00:00
Sinus bradycardia 00:00:00
Disturbance of atria
Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia 00:00:00
Atrial fibrillation 00:00:00
Atrial flutter 00:00:00
Atrial premature contraction 00:00:00
Disturbance of atrioventricular node
Junctional rhythm 00:00:00
Junctional tachycardia 00:00:00
Junctional ectopics 00:00:00
Disturbance of ventricles
Ventricular tachycardia 00:00:00
Ventricular ectopics 00:00:00
Ventricular fibrillation 00:00:00

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