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We had been struck by this Global Pandemic called Novel Corona Virus disease since early 2020. Right now it has already claimed over 3 hundred thousand lives affecting more than 4 million people in over 210 countries worldwide as of May 2020. This disaster has brought entire humanity & its economy to its knees. Since no definitive treatment method has been established to fight COVID-19, our only survival lies on the knowledge of prevention & planning a track out of the economic crisis that ensues.
This course is exactly based on those Principles & Concepts of Prevention of COVID-19. Here students will be able to learn the exact Prevention Techniques as a part of ‘Personal Emergency Preparedness’ to avoid COVID-19 infection to overcome COVID-19 infection.
It will also aid you in understanding the Socio-Economic impact of this pandemic and equip you to be more prepared, empowered & future-ready for the upcoming growing industries as you step into the Post Corona world as a part of ‘Crisis management’.
This course has three modules and further sub-divided into 12 chapters covering most topics about this COVID-19 pandemic. It has an updated factual content written lucidly with a lot of info-graphics for easier understanding of everyone.
This will give you a multi-dimensional insight & a 360 degree view of the whole COVID-19 situation and I strongly believe that it will answer all your questions & you will have a great intuitive learning experience.

Who this course is for:

  • Both Health-care workers or Non Health-care workers or any normal person who can get affected by COVID-19. This virus does not discriminate between a Healthcare worker or a Non Healthcare worker. We are all vulnerable to this virus to some extent or the other.
  • This course is for anyone & everyone who wants to defeat COVID-19 by knowledge of Self Preparedness & fight one’s way out of this crisis.

Course Curriculum

Introduction- What is coronavirus?
What is Corona Virus 00:00:00
Where do coronaviruses come from? 00:00:00
Timeline of emerging viruses 00:00:00
How do new viruses emerge? 00:00:00
How does transmission occur? 00:00:00
Clinical Features
Clinical Presentation 00:00:00
Incubation time and the spectrum of illness severity 00:00:00
Case definition – (As per WHO-China joint commission report) 00:00:00
Recommendations for sample collection 00:00:00
Current recommended diagnostic modality for COVID 19 00:00:00
Initial Management of COVID 19
COVID 19 Infected patients 00:00:00
Who all needs isolation? 00:00:00
If needed where to isolate? 00:00:00
Treatment Options for COVID 19
Therapy 00:00:00
Recommendation 00:00:00
Who all needs admission in COVID-19? 00:00:00
Risk of viral shedding and discharge of patients 00:00:00
Prognostic Factors
General prognosis 00:00:00
What should include ideal personal protective equipment (PPE)? 00:00:00
Recommendations for usage of surgical triple layer mask/ respirators 00:00:00
Respirator N95 vs. FFP3 & FFP2 00:00:00
Can the virus stay on inanimate surfaces? 00:00:00
Can Surgical Masks Filter the Corona virus? 00:00:00
What can you do to reduce risk? – Social Distancing 00:00:00
Sensitization – What needs to be known? 00:00:00
Keep your immune system healthy 00:00:00
Important steps for preventing transmission in the community 00:00:00
COVID 19 in pediatric population
Probable reasons Why COVID-19 is less affected in children 00:00:00
Conclusion 00:00:00
Helpful links and Resources
Real-time information on global impact of COVID 19 00:00:00
Find home quarantined locations in India 00:00:00
Certification Exam
Certification Exam 00:00:00

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